ambiguous smile-touching sequences, controlled,

those sheets of emancipation, riding through the nights of this tradition, the droves of hoods stumping through the saloon’s swinging doors, their rebel yells and discussions of their intelligent perception of judge Roy Bean these character actors, in the spittoons of rhymes, out beyond the existential expropriation, the unawares of the physics of mirroring  the reflections of helter-skelter, break-dancing violins a stallion’s stance the excerpts are now clearly visible in oxidation planning diss-dis-intergration, through the streets, must pay my respect the thoughts in mind greater than my time do not wish or hope for the words of the blind, fleeing their cultural roots the distinctions became a surprise prerecorded recognized as a surprise of the hits of history, a quality of the quantity surrounding vapid dimensions of ding-bat originality is this not simulations  to disguise the possibility of understanding  the movement of the conveyor-belt audience, these dimensions of the development of a unified theory in a field of inquiry where everyone, all supposed single bets, supporting savage criticisms, dead inside seeing in the eschatology a spectacle of transcendence in proportion to seeking and achieving success, lascivious arousing the will the cool hand Luke-warm and elegant in the thread worn inability to seee how seized and banned pleasure as only an acquired coin in Teasdale’s wasteland of existence

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