excerpt from estuary of lust

the beginning of this rhyme where eye are configuring all the time the mind the information load insufficient to effect the quality, listening to the millions of things brought into this view where seeing the edges of the toast watching the body bags. the consummate tool, while still sleeping under the barrels, these lines from the poetry of our mind, all those things it would seem unsaid, was that the face of dread, those nights walking beneath the palms all day at the farm, wandering through the library before McHenry, this cross dressing agent, a prominent feature of the winding road, and the garden of time being the music and erotic art, in praise of what was not, the mere plodding of poster art behavior coming out of a cave where was the possession ‘ my savior ‘ who else would continence this behavior, laughing in the recognition of one’s slavery, being comfortable with the integrity of acknowledged disbelief, subdivisions of another, movements into something schematically, phonologically structured patterns of sound symbolism, reduplicative structures, or

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