excerpt from thresholds of consciousness

Dangerous territory, joyous confidence, fundamentally stupid, in the chronic spontaneity, abundant blasphemies, succinctly stated, a practicing contra-culture ascetic, disappointments, opposed antithetically no supernatural responsibility, solitude and despair, Cambodia, Laos, maybe the death of you, reciprocal relations, deific mean-ness, in the borrowed splendor, an exotic love me tender in the splendor, an exotic authenticity, where the situational variables, a paradoxically poisoned mystical aura, the memorabilia, imperishable over time that armored personnel carrier rhyme, fragmentation and being inside the specialism of animosity, these most glorious words, the frenzied stupidity, the subjective individuality, considered a distasteful possibility in the religious significance, this voluntary alienation, while the damaged interpersonal interaction the soul’s depths, my hypothesis seething in a supposed labyrinth of enlightenment, the ancient intimacy shared meat and moisture, so concealed, papering  a dream chamber of colored light have gone beyond the white light of Ralph Ellison

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