moved by passion against some conquistadors of his diocese,

hierarchies of the colonizers, based on Vitoria’s argument of the legitimacy of armed interest to rescue the innocent ones from a cruel tyranny, both levels of authority, is it possible unconscious or conscious the suspicion of the suspension, legitimately acquired souls, directed toward the temporal well-being, these negroes considered a ” blind and detestable and sacrilegious error” because of their unbelieving character, lose all their political sovereignty, listening to the pontifical theocracy of slavery, to the universality of the blues, to those who have no clues the dues of this suffering ignorance, in this determined circle of communities of occupational religion ideology, this crown of thorns in the piety of acquisition, sandpipers at the shores of this success, this golden fleece, the sheering of sheep, is this the banquet of the meek, drawing perspectives from the shadows of a deceit, dozing the knowledge of this predestination, blessings are continually being issued in the being of nothing, such speculation seems to originate in the weak principled, and these are always ready to imitate successful notoriety-breeding methods, have pity on me, splinters up and down my back, this vast achievement, is it double-meant, this reconfiguration,

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