singing along with Roberta Flack,

this medical center of neglect, awaking the instinct, the blue eyes rescue, white waves, and chinese caves, the twin paths like the pillars that held, so many sacrifices, softly the glow of this supposed devotion, writing of the episodes of self-abuse are you ever anything more than abuse, watching the collapse laughing in the increased consciousness, confess, the regulations of this deceit and those whose eyes are filled with fear, watching as they discuss the education of fascination, what a display wondering in the upstairs the book store of a city on a hill far away where on a cross they say my savior was nailed hand and foot above ground, some pastor around town said faith in the plate of history’s fate, comfortable with suffering adjusting the channel, the wow and flutter popping in the white noise, your eyes were lovely, watching the whole milk on the highway of  ’ The Battlestar Galactica ‘, not yet seen running between the aisles of bread, your long lashes, regulations that limit the effectiveness and the efficiency of services in place to aid the attrition by omission, under the stop light begging, this veteran of pity, speaking to Frank Nitty, watching television is it only my television,

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